Black tea, blackberries, raspberry, elderberry, cocoa, coriander
  • Black tea, blackberries, raspberry, elderberry, cocoa, coriander

Chipies & Garnements


Skinned knees?

Patched shorts and acordeon socks? Down duvets? Jam mustache? Elastic from a slingshot sticking out of your back pocket? Desire for cheat at hopscotch?... win all the marbles in the yard?.. play cowboys and Indians (and be an Indian of course)?... and most of all desire for grow up before your time? Whether you're a fan of little Nicolas' adventures, the war of the buttons or why not big kids like Jacques Tati, our new Chipies et Garnements blend is made for you !

A velvety black tea, it combines blackberries, raspberries and elderberries with all the delicacy of cocoa and a hint of coriander to assert its character... Greedy, nostalgic, childish and, of course, a rebellious strand, Chipies & Garnements will bring boys and girls of all ages together around a particularly large and generous scented cup.Ready for the 400 shots?

See you at recess! (and no, I don't want to be a cowboy)


Black tea
All day long
Infusion time 3 à 4 min
Temperature of infusion 95°

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