Hello Monday !

Who hasn't dreamed of always being in a good mood in the morning, and why not, even on Monday...

It's true that our mornings are not always easy, between the radio which announces not necessarily happy news from the world, the clock which seems to move much faster than usual, and, let's not forget all those who have the happiness of being parents and who say to themselves that they didn't necessarily imagine it like that! And yes, between alarm failure for the eldest, favorite t-shirt not found for another, bickering between the little ones and baby who is loud, nothing prepared us for this....no nothing... ( But that's another subject) Also, let's focus on our inner energy, turn off the radio, and why not, use extreme methods: close the door for a moment....(yes it's hard but it has to be) And there... miraculously, in this regained calm, although precarious, we can take advantage of a brief moment to reconnect with ourselves by tasting our Hello Monday tea!, and decide to smile at life! You feel light, carried by a blissful feeling, your emotions are only peace and harmony, in agreement with the universal cosmic waves and all the foggiest "new age" theories you want, but whatever.... you feel good...at least for a moment! So of course, let's be realistic, it's sometimes a little harder some mornings... Also, Tea & Cie, your favorite tea house offers you a new recipe clearly oriented "Good mood" to help you achieve this

Nirvana of morning smile, Hello Monday!, which combines with a beautiful Black tea, Blueberries, pieces of Apple, Acai Berries, Ginger and Mallow petals! Imagine yourself in your kitchen, smiling at life, recharged with positive energy and... 7:40 a.m....ah well yes you have to go: drop off the children at school, college and the Nanny's and hurry across the city to attend a fascinating meeting on the State of the Competitive Benchmark on the Logistics of Pallets of Cartons of Bolts of 14 (the EBCLPCB14 do you know?)..... It's life.... But since you have to deal with it, you might as well approach it with a smile while humming Hello Monday! on the way to the office! Have a good week everyone and see you in your cup....

May the Force be with you! With all of us!


Black tea
All day long
Infusion time 4 minutes
Temperature of infusion 90°

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