Green & black tea, mango, raspberry, papaya
  • Green & black tea, mango, raspberry, papaya

Le 7eme Sens


By admitting the existence of a sixth sense, a kind of strong sensitivity to intuition, let's take the game of imagining a 7th sense...

Let's imagine ourselves endowed with a new capacity, which would allow us, why not, to appreciate the small joys of everyday life at their true value, to fully measure these just and perfect moments, where everything is in its place and finds a meaning, and let us enjoy a pure moment of balance, fragile and precious.

It is in this spirit, and to titillate your senses (at least the first 5!) that Tea & Cie offers you this black and green tea recipe where pleasure and harmony combine so well. Le 7ème Sens offers your taste buds a delicately fruity liqueur with notes of mango, raspberry and papaya with flower petals.

A blend of black and green tea flavored with fruits to be enjoyed for the pleasure of the moment...and to remember!


Green tea
All day long
Infusion time 3 à 4 min
Temperature of infusion 95°

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