Behind this extremely trendy term, and for good reason, we can find very different concepts!

Especially since by approaching the theme of fashion, we discover an extremely fluctuating universe, in perpetual creative ferment, sometimes for the better... or not!

Far from the influencer/influenced debate, short-sighted views on superficiality, being “in Fashion” isn't it already a step behind those who invent and make fashions in a creative energy which sometimes only knows the limits of imagination?

Yes, sometimes fashion shakes up, amazes, shocks, but it would be simplistic to see only vanity, business and futility...

Is creative action, whether artistic or not, only the search for “beautiful”, or does it go well beyond an eminently subjective and therefore personal vision?

Follow fashion ? Invent the one of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow? To be above fashion?

Wouldn’t this “Fashionista” state of mind be rather a kind of ability to create and inspire exciting, motivating things linked to our time and its possible futures?

The debate remains open, and to help you meditate on the subject (or perhaps inspire you), we invite you to discover our Fashionista blend, black tea with pieces of pears, apples, aronia berries and berries. 'Acai, embellished with Immortelle flowers and Safflower petals.

Depending on your desires, feel free to be the Fashionista you want... or not!


Black tea
All day long
Infusion time 4 minutes
Temperature of infusion 90°

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