Christmas Tea

Invite the magic of the holiday season in your cups and mugs with our selection of Christmas teas and our original creations with sweet winter flavors: tea with spices, candied fruit, with real chocolate moceaux… Nothing like a steaming cup, polar plaid and crackling fire in the fireplace to spend the winter smoothly and with flavor!

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Yummy Baby

A delicious infusion with marshmallow, pieces of raspberry and pineapple

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Humpah Lumpah

On Sencha whole almonds wrapped in coconut, toasted and sliced almonds, badian and cinnamon

€6.90 From


Orange peel, apricot pieces, cardamom, star anise, whole almonds, cloves, cinnamon

€7.40 From

Noel Vert

green tea, orange peel, slivered almonds, pink berries and safflower petals

€7.20 From


Green tea coriander, star anise, cardamom and cinnamon, cocoa bean splinters, almonds

€7.20 From


Black tea, oranges, dried fruits, sweet spices.Black tea, oranges, dried fruits, sweet spices.

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