Black tea, bergamot, mint, spices, citrus fruits
  • Black tea, bergamot, mint, spices, citrus fruits

Thé des Gazelles 145


A recipe specially created for the attention of our friends Anne-Marie and Valerie, who bravely took part in the Rallye des Gazelles in March 2010.

In their luggage, they carried out a few boxes of our tea recipe "Thé des Gazelles 145", composed for the occasion, so as to comfort themselves at the bivouac during the long days of racing on the tracks of the marvellous Moroccan desert ...

This very feminine blend joins notes of bergamot, mint, spices, citrus and rosebuds on a full-bodied black tea.

An evocation of travel and adventure combined with a feminine touch for this recipe that will enchant those who are thirsty for more!

According to our information, the Thé des Gazelles has been a great success on bivouac evenings and has participated in many moments of complicity between the competitors and our friends of Crew 145!

Congratulations to their courage and their eternal good humour whatever the fortunes of the race!

Go Gazelles!


Black tea
All day long
Infusion time 3 à 4 min
Temperature of infusion 95°

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