Green and black tea, pieces of strawberry, pineapple and raspberry.
  • Green and black tea, pieces of strawberry, pineapple and raspberry.



Have you read "3 Men in a Boat" by Jerome K Jerome? This very humorous book, published at the end of the 19th century, tells the funny adventures of three friends and their dog Montmorency on board a frail boat on the Thames... A light and carefree style that you may have studied at school... This company turns into a dantestic shipyard cumulating messes and disasters of our three clumsy friends. To mention only the embarrassing train journeys with a powerful French cheese of character or the indomitable behavior of a tin can when you forgot to bring a can opener! If your memory fails you, the text having been placed in the public domain, you will find the entire text available for free download on the Web ...

It is from this spirit of fellowship and humorous criticism of our personal shortcomings that our delicious blend of Canotier teas was born...

Gourmet and friendly, Canotier offers a blend of green and black teas with pieces of strawberry, pineapple and raspberry. 

Ideal for a lunch on the grass, or to go down a river in a boat with faithful friends, but desperately as clumsy as you (and us!) on a boat...  If on top of that, you own a slightly touchy Fox Terrier (which you obviously named Montmorency), the picture will be complete.

Even without all that, this concentrated mix of good humor will enchant young and old at home. Here, drink it while you read your children's favorite book!

So have a good reading and above all a good tea time!


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