thé vert aromatisé 48 lunes par Tea & Cie maison de thé
  • thé vert aromatisé 48 lunes par Tea & Cie maison de thé

48 Lunes


In the distant regions of South America where the Guava occurs, once lived the Arawak people. A peaceful society based on matriarchy, the Arawak Women met every 48 Moons to designate the one they believed to be the best and asked her to leave the country for an embassy, building bridges and cultural and commercial ties with neighbouring peoples....

One of them, "Moman-Loup", landed at Nantes in 1645 and married a councillor of the King of France, the Marquis de Goulaine...

It was the Arawak who one day had the surprise of seeing Christopher Columbus’s ships docking on their shores...

Spontansly inclined towards the "winning" exchanges, the Arawak experienced very quickly many disillusionments....

Ah, "Barbarians" and "Civilized", which ones were they?

This openness to go and discover the other and create links with him is the result of the recipe of our superb mix of 48 Moons.

On a magnificent green tea Sencha, we find all the exotic pleasures of the pieces of Goyave, Mango , married with apples and delicate petals.

Fruity and light to the cup, the 48 Lunes offers flavours from elsewhere with enchanting sunny notes and accessible to all.

To taste why not by creating links with new friends?


Green tea
All day long

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