Little Yellow tin Tea & Cie

The little yellow caddy, the only one, the true one!

This metal tea tin, signature of Tea&Cie allows you to preserve your tea in the optimal way and to carry it in full safety. She is equipped with a double lid which will keep your favorite tea or infusions in optimum conditions. Capacity approximately 100g.

Symbol of our tea house since it's oppening in 2003, the little yellow caddy has traveled to many places over the world, thanks to all Tea&Cie friends!

You can find all of her photos and adventures on her instagram and on Tea&Cie facebook's account. In order to not miss any of her travel you can stay connected through the hashtags #lapetiteboitejaune and #teacie

Of course if your very own wish is to become a friend of the little yellow caddy we encourage you to send us your photos by email or Facebook with your comments, date and place. We will be very happy to share them! It is one of the greatest gifts you can give us.

Notice to collectors!


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