thé vert aux algues sencha torii wakame japon par tea & cie thé detox
  • thé vert aux algues sencha torii wakame japon par tea & cie thé detox

Sencha Torii Wakame


In Japan, the Torii is the wooden portico that marks the entrance to a Shinto shrine and tells the visitor that he is leaving the secular world to enter a sacred enclosure.

From this spirit of "passing", we wanted to offer you this new scented recipe , the Sencha Torii Wakame, which assembles a Japanese Sencha of great origin, fresh notes of Citronella, iodized scents of Wakame seaweed, and a note of mate.

Wakame is a commestible seaweed traditionally consumed in Japanese gastronomy (and cultivated since almost a century on the wild coast of our beautiful Brittany ). Very rich in fiber and nutrients, Wakame is an extraordianaire source of Calcium ( ten times more than milk ). In addition to the virtues brought by the trace elements and vitamin B12 it contains, Wakame seaweed is widely used for its detoxifying properties against heavy metals and toxins.

For its part, Citronella is of course often recommended for its draining virtues, but it is its flavors that we sought, especially for its harmonious accord with the vegetable and marine notes of Sencha green tea and the iodized fragrances of Wakame.

From this virtuous and delicious mixture, born a sweet cup with golden yellow liquor that leaves in the mouth a soothing sensation with fine and refreshing flavors

To try for pleasure and for its benefits!


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