Oolong tea, Fujian Region, China
  • Oolong tea, Fujian Region, China

Oolong Tie Kuan Yin Finest


Oolong tea, Fujian Region, China

Produced in the Fujian region, this Oolong Tie Kuan Yin Finest is the best known in its category and one of the most appreciated. Its delicate liquor is highly sought after by connoisseurs who appreciate its incomparable aromatic sweetness. The legend tells that his name comes from the Goddess of Mercy (Kuan Yin) who told a humble planter where was hidden a tea plant that could produce a sweet tea if he was generous when he made his fortune. Like all Oolongs, Ti Kuan Yin Finest can be prepared in several successive infusions  (preparation in Gun Fu Cha), but it also knows how to make itself accessible to all those who wish to learn about the great Oolongs for a generous and endearing first contact. With a low theine content, this tea can be drunk in the evening.


All day long
Infusion time 4 à 5 minutes
Temperature of infusion 90°

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