Formosa Oolong (Taiwan)
  • Formosa Oolong (Taiwan)

Formosa Oolong Choicest


Formosa Oolong (Taiwan)

Certainly a very nice discovery for this very interesting Formosa Oolong Choicest well representative of the specific flavors of high altitude teas produced in Taiwan. Fresh and delicate notes, a round and ample fragrance and a generous cup bring to this Oolong selected for you a pleasure found at each tasting. Directly fermented in bamboo baskets at the factory, it keeps from this stage of its elaboration a touch of pleasant character and quality.

If it can of course be prepared in a “French” teapot; it is in a Gun Fu-cha-type sweet infusion that it will best express its nuances.

Ideal for those who want to be initiated to the pleasures of the magnificent Formosa region and its know-how, it remains however accessible to all those who discover the world of Oolongs of high quality…


All day long
Infusion time 4 min
Temperature of infusion 90°

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