Formosa Oolong (Taiwan) exceptional tea
  • Formosa Oolong (Taiwan) exceptional tea

Formosa Dark Pearl Oolong


Formosa Oolong (Taiwan) exceptional tea

With this Formosa Dark Pearl Oolong, we offer you a prestigious, rare, aromatic and precious liquor tea.


This oolong is produced in the beautiful and wild region of Tai Tung, south-east of Taiwan, in the centre of the terraced plantations on the side of the mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This exceptional place benefits from ideal climatic conditions to elaborate a great lord of tea!

Hand plucked with the greatest care, the tea leaves are fermented longer than traditional Oolong, which gives this tea particularly rich and long aromatic notes in the mouth. The fermented leaves are then rolled by hand to obtain their characteristic shape, which gives it its name of Dark Pearl. Connoisseurs will note the manufacturer’s decision to leave the tiny stem end remaining after a delicate “picking” on the leaves, anxious to avoid handling that could damage the leaves after manual rolling.

In the cup, shiny and amber, one observes a sensation of fullness with a remarkable balance between character and delicacy, where the discreet vegetal flavor is enveloped in woody fragrances with increasingly subtle nuances as the infusions progress. Of course, this noble tea will give the best itself in successive infusions of Gun Fu Cha type but will also be appreciated by beginners eager to discover the classic infusion.

To sum up, a superb region, a very careful elaboration, and an envied know-how bring to this fabulous Oolong all the elements of particularly pleasant and precious moments of tea to share…

Attention, this exceptional tea is available in 50 grams bags!



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