Rooibosh Family


Rooibos, chestnuts spread, vanilla, hazelnuts and almonds.

For the Children and their Parents, for Grandma and Grandpa, for Uncles and Aunties and the Cousins, for big and little, and why not for Friends!

When you come back from your walk, find the happiness of being together and share our Rooibosh Family, a delicious infusion without theine, with warm and greedy notes! This tasty recipe combines the sweetness of marron glacé, vanilla, pieces of hazelnuts and slivered almonds on a round rooibos...

It is even said to be the favourite of Uncle Albert and Cousin Aurélie! Watch out, turn around! You're too late! By the time you read this, Grandpa has finished the cookies!

That's all right! Tell the kids to take out the cups, and Aunt Isabelle to fill the kettle while the cousins go get wood for the chimney and start another round of cookies to accompany your Rooibos Family...

(PS: if there are still cookies left and you pass near the rue de Saint Tropez or the rue Le Hellec in Vannes, stop at Tea & Cie, there are amateurs on the spot).

Presence of nuts.


All day long
Infusion time 5 à 8 min
Temperature of infusion 95 ° ou glacé

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