Rooibosh, Hazelnuts, cocoa, almonds, sugar stars
  • Rooibosh, Hazelnuts, cocoa, almonds, sugar stars

Rooibos Etoile des Neiges


Rooibosh, Hazelnuts, cocoa, almonds, sugar stars.

There's something strange going on, some signs don't fool you. Night falls much faster, and the sun rises later, The hat, the chapka and even the hood are coming back into fashion,

The prospect of a picnic by the water next Sunday is becoming increasingly uncertain,

You feel an incomprehensible and irresistible attraction for sauce dishes, plaid, TV nights and stuffed slippers (don't deny it, we have pictures!).

Your postman pours toy catalogues into your mailbox every day that your children tear out with excited yelps and some go to sleep with them after checking off almost every item,

Your "wood pile" so decorative in the garden reduces ostensibly in a suspicious manner,

The image of a friendly deer with a totally incongruous red nose sometimes mysteriously crosses your mind,

Your spouse regularly talks about putting a tree in the middle of the living room and you've caught him whistling strange tunes,

You come across more and more often strange men all dressed in red who grumble "Ho Ho Ho Ho" at the slightest opportunity,

The ground is sometimes slippery, even white, and everyone "vapote" by jumping from one foot to the other at the bus stop,

The car doesn't start well in the morning, and neither do you, I must admit...

Winter is coming ! (and not "winter is coming" without the slightest reference to anything)

This Snow Star rooibos will express all the joy of Christmas with its warm notes of cocoa enriched with pieces of hazelnuts and almonds. Without theine, it can be enjoyed at any time of the day!


All day long
Infusion time 5 à 8 min
Temperature of infusion 95 ° ou glacé

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