Oolong tea, lemon, ginger, spirulina
  • Oolong tea, lemon, ginger, spirulina

Oolong Gulangyu


Oolong tea, lemon, ginger, spirulina

Just a few minutes by ferry from beautiful Xiamen, on the edge of the majestic China sea, we discovered the delightful little island of Gulangyu.

On this former small colonial island, around the very lively landing stage, in the shade of the huge banyan trees, there is a wonderful market of flavors and scents. A former foreign concession on Chinese land, it is pleasant to stroll through its narrow streets, between the picturesque houses with a slightly old-fashioned charm.

From this visual and harmonious blend, Tea & Cie has created a particularly tasty original recipe; Oolong Gulangyu combines an excellent Oolong tea produced in the nearby mountains of Hakka country, not far from Xiamen, with fresh notes of lemon and pieces of ginger. We have also added a little spirulina seaweed, which gives this original and tasty recipe a slightly bluish color.

A favorite of our team for this unique blend forms and well being to be tasted absolutely!


All day long
Infusion time 4 min
Temperature of infusion 90°

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