Caprice? Are you sure???

If we follow the dictionary, we might believe that a Caprice is only a compelling, sudden and fleeting desire....

Presented in this way, we might even be led to believe that it is a nasty flaw....

However, even if it is sometimes said that wisdom comes to those who know how to manage their frustrations, it is no less true that there is no harm in doing yourself good... from time to time!

So let's give ourselves permission to have small faults.... like... gluttony perhaps?

Let's assume the possibility of "cracking" in front of the gourmet notes of our Caprice blend which combines a very pretty, light green tea with the fruity notes of Blueberry and the captivating almond scent of the famous Italian Amaretti biscuits, absolutely irresistible. ...

Since we are talking about dictionary and definition, I remind you that in "irresistible" there is this idea that we are incapable of resisting...

1/so it's not my fault....

2/ so no guilt...

3/ so I have the right to have a little whim (and then “small” minimizes it a little, it’s less serious)

4/ and that in tea there are no calories (unless you put sugar and dip cakes in it're not helping me)

6/ and if ever there was a little bit of guilt left over indulging, we could easily argue that blueberries are a natural antioxidant and that tea water is water.... and that 'water hydrates.... and hydrating... it's good... well I think so...

7/ have you noticed? We went from 4 to 6 just to tease the reader... No point in checking... and of course you just checked, it's annoying!

8/ so you have the right to give in to temptation and taste our Caprice blend if you want.

9/ well no 9, it's useless because we have just demonstrated brilliantly, eloquently and modestly the need to give in to whim (well our own whims... because those of others are childish, of course, even intolerable! little firmness all the same!)

In summary, if you have enough to heat water, a teapot and a cup: you are entitled to Le Caprice!

 And with a clear conscience! thank you Tea & Cie!


Green tea
All day long
Infusion time 3 minutes
Temperature of infusion 80°

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