Green & black tea, cranberries, lemon
  • Green & black tea, cranberries, lemon



Green & black tea, cranberries, lemon

Favorite drink of the heroins of the serie "Sex in the City", the famous Cosmopolitan cocktail is prepared with Lemon, Cranberries, dry tripple ... and Vodka!

The problem with Vodka and Triple Sec is that it is not very serious to drink it before driving.

Then there's the Metro, you might say...

Of course! But we don't all live in Manhatan or in a big city...

To correct this flagrant injustice, the Tea & Cie team has worked on a new recipe and combined green tea from Japan, black tea from China, pieces of Cranberries and lemon peel for a particularly fresh and delicious Tea Cocktail, which can finally be enjoyed without moderation and with good intentions!

To be enjoyed with friends, and why not with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha!


Thé vert
Temps d'infusion 3 minutes
Température 85°

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