Matcha Japan Ceremonial green tea in fine powder
  • Matcha Japan Ceremonial green tea in fine powder

Matcha Boite


Japan ceremonial green tea in fine powder Japan’s famous Matcha, also known as maccha, is a very fine powder of high quality green tea obtained by means of a stone grinder. This tea is used in for the famous and very codified tea ceremony (Chanoyu), beaten in hot water with a bamboo whisk (Chasen).

Sometimes called “Jade foam”, it remains a major element of Japanese culture and its tasting is a precious moment. Considered as martial art, the ChaDo (way of tea) consists in the practice of this ceremony pushed to excellence.

Increasingly used in pastry making and contemporary cooking, Matcha brings a subtle note to your preparations (it is also very rich in antioxidants). Mild in tasting and pleasant with vegetal notes, an experience to be discovered in all its forms!

Sent in 40 g metal box.

How to prepare it ?

Place 1 gram of the precious matcha in a bowl. Pour the water at 65° and whisk the mixture until a fine foam appears on the surface.


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