Black Flag

Black Flag is a tribute to those who love freedom. Beyond the bloodthirsty image of pirates, privateers and Flibustières, this mixture evokes these adventurous women who refused to enter the narrow squares where social structures wanted to confine them.

Anne Bonny, Mary Read, Anne Dieu le Veut or Jeanne de Belleville (the Tigress of Brittany) through their respective legends (often very romantic) illustrate this desire to free themselves from the shackles.

Our Black Flag blend, assembles an original black Sencha tea with long leaves, whole pistachios, flower petals with notes of almonds, Ras El Hanout spices and precious Manuka honey (produced in New Zealand this unique honey has a strong antimicrobial power).

Particularly gourmet, velvety and ample to the cup, the Black Flag is an ode to adventure, distant travel and freedom!

Prepare your teapot, deploy the sails and set a course for the horizon!


Black tea
All day long
Infusion time 3 à 4 min
Temperature of infusion 95°

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