China White tea, Yunnan Province
  • China White tea, Yunnan Province

Yunnan Blanc


China White tea, Yunnan Province

Like every tea family, white teas have their lovers and detractors. Where some appreciate the great subtlety of its liquor, others reproach white tea for a lack of thickness and roundness.

In order to reconcile these two clans, we invite you to discover this wonderful White Yunnan with its magnificent large, downy and twisted leaves.

If the refinement of its cup makes no doubt about the quality of its white tea which has all the characteristics, one can only be deliciously surprised by its mellow and deep notes so representative of its land of Yunnan.

A successful combination of subtlety and roundness, this White Yunnan offers us a rare pleasure when tasting it, with discreet aromas of yellow fruits and its springtime flavor with a vegetal presence.

A precious moment to share with those we wish to bring together.

This tea is offered by 50g.


White tea
Infusion time 5 min
Temperature of infusion 70°

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