White and green tea, apples, almonds
  • White and green tea, apples, almonds

Nouvelle Tentation


White and green tea, apples, almonds

A few millenniums ago, a certain Mademoiselle Eve caused a lot of concern to the whole of humanity by yielding to the temptation to crunch in a delicious apple, the fruit of pleasure by excellence.

Far be it from us to produce such a heavy effect, but we thought that if she had yielded to the temptation it was perhaps that this fruit was very attractive!

To better judge ones decision, we suggest you to yield to a New Temptation with our white and green tea recipe with light apple and almond notes. In front of your cup with its enchanting aromas, we will see who resists…and who bites!

Ready to yield to pleasure?

Bite into it! We won’t be chased out of paradise twice! This time, it’s of no consequence…except a moment of small happiness perhaps!


White tea
All day long
Infusion time 4 à 5 min
Temperature of infusion 70°

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