Smoked tea, India, Assam district of Golagath
  • Smoked tea, India, Assam district of Golagath

Assam Fumé Hatidubi TGFOP "Fu Soonga"


A surprising smoked tea to discover in all its originality. Cultivated at high altitude in the Assam region in the North of India, and  precisely in the Golagath district, our Smokey Assam Hadibuti TGFOP "FuSoonga" has a particularity that makes it unique. Although it is smoked in a very traditional way like the lapsang souchong produced in China, the smoke from the roots is brought to the leaves in this delicate operation by hollow bamboo stems which impregnate the leaves with a particular flavour and aroma where we find the woody note and a touch of bamboo.

Tasty and original, it will delight lovers of Chinese smoked tea with its deep amber scents.

One of the most powerful smoked teas !


Smoked tea
All day long
Infusion time 3 à 4 min
Temperature of infusion 95°

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