mate calabash

The calabash is the essential container for drinking your yerba mate in the traditional way. From a squash of the cucurbit family, the latter was simply dried and curetted in order to remove seeds and pulpit then set with an upper part in stainless steel.

Your calabash is unique because every fruit it comes from is also unique! Its capacity once full of mate varies between 120 and 150 ml.

This tea instrument was made famous by Antoine Griezmann and other footballer fervent consumer of this drink coming straight from Latin America and which continues to sell its antioxidant virtues, rich in iron as well as theine and containing no calories.

Using your calabash:

Before any use, you must pant your calabash or "curar al maté" ie the cureter. To do this, fill the 3/4 with mate and pour in hot water. Let the calabash soak for 24 to 48 hours. The latter will swell and possibly plug a few micro-cracks. Then with a spoon remove the softened elements and other flaky deposits. Be careful to go there with a lot of precautions and in a light way not to damage the gourd.

To keep it for a long time, rinse it and let it dry with each use. You will need a few runs-in (4 to 5) for your calabash to be ready !

To drink like real gauchos, do not hesitate to buy the bombilla (straw for mate consumption).


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